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Based in the Tucson office, Paul B. Ylvisaker is an associate with Pahl & Associates, bringing 29 year of law and litigation experience to Ms. Pahl’s family law practice. Paul has expertly guided clients to successful resolution in hundreds of cases across a broad spectrum ofpractice areas before federal and state courts, as well as, federal and state regulatory and administrative bodies.

In a legal career that spans three decades, he has held positions as private practitioner, corporate counsel, business executive, solicitor, assistant attorney general, and judge advocate in the United States Army, retiring at the rank of Major in 2013. Prior to joining Pahl & Associates, Paul’s practice included corporate governance, criminal defense, government contracts, land use and zoning, tax litigation, and several military law disciplines.

A strong and effective advocate, Paul’s experience representing clients in matters concerning property rights, civil liberties, contractual, and personal liability in complex, as well as, controversial matters has been invaluable to clients’ goal achievement in litigation. He takes a proactive, and where appropriate, aggressive approach to litigation, guiding his clients with compassion, integrity, honesty, and practicality. Paul works closely with each of his client, seeking input and feedback to adjust to the dynamics of each case, reflecting the client’s changing goals and objectives in cases that are emotional, often high conflict, and have significant implications to minor children, finances, and property interests. Client interaction, responsiveness, and a proactive approach often result in outcomes
that exceed client expectations, but not their budgets. Pahl & Associates success on behalf of their clients is reflected in the high number of referrals from prior clients for others seeking family law services.

Paul holds a Juris Doctorate from Saint Louis University School of Law, a masters degree in Nursing from University of Arizona, and bachelor’s degree in finance. He is also an adjunct professor at Kent State University teaching “Legal issues in Healthcare Informatics”.