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Pahl & Associates is a Tucson-based law firm with more than 20 years of experience dealing with all aspects of child support in Arizona. We focus on helping clients achieve positive outcomes, and we do it with the child’s current and future health and well-being at the top of our minds. Whether you need to obtain, enforce or modify a child support order, we’re here to guide you through the process.

What to know about the Arizona child support guidelines

In Arizona, the presumptive amount of child support is calculated by use of statutory guidelines. The parent with primary physical custody — known as parenting time — receives a monthly payment from the other parent to cover expenses related to child care, including living, educational and medical needs.

However, the state guidelines and their accompanying child support calculator are not fully determinative of the amount of support to be paid. Adjustments may be needed to account for:

  • Caring for children with special needs or disabilities
  • Medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance
  • Which parent receives the child income tax credit
  • Extraordinary educational expenses
  • Child support owed to children of other relationships

In all situations, Pahl & Associates uses negotiation and litigation skills to seek a fair and reasoned application of the guidelines.

Understanding Arizona’s income shares model for child support

In a two-parent household, income from both parents is typically combined and spent to benefit everyone living in the house, including children. Arizona, like most other states, uses the income shares model in child-support calculations. The parents’ gross income is pooled before applying the child support guidelines to decide on payment obligations. The model is designed to have children benefit from the same proportion of parental income as they enjoyed before the divorce. However, there is built-in flexibility to account for particular situations, such fluctuations in a parent’s self-employment or seasonal income. We carefully analyze our clients’ unique circumstances and bring all relevant factors to bear in seeking a fair income allocation.

Enforcing or modifying child support orders

You may encounter the need to seek modification of child support order due to changed economic circumstances. As the paying parent, you may have lost your job or otherwise suffered a marked reduction in earning capacity. Or as the receiving parent you may need more support due to unforeseen health, education or living expenses. You may also have to take enforcement measures where the paying parent is in arrears. We have extensive experience assisting clients in child support modification and enforcement proceedings.

Talk to a southern Arizona child support attorney

Whether you are the parent who will pay or receive child support after a divorce, Pahl & Associates in Tucson can help you in efforts to achieve a fair and workable arrangement. To speak to an experienced lawyer, please call 520-628-1111 or contact us online. Se habla español.