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Southern Arizona alimony attorney fights for just results

Alimony — known in Arizona as spousal maintenance — can be awarded during or after a divorce based on economic need. The size and duration of an award can have a big impact on the financial situation of either former spouse, making it crucial to retain experienced counsel to ensure careful consideration. At Pahl & Associates in Tucson, we represent clients on both sides of the spousal maintenance issue, working in either case to promote a fair outcome that safeguards our clients’ rights and financial interests.

Understanding how spousal maintenance is awarded in Arizona?

In Arizona, a spouse seeking alimony during or after a divorce must prove their financial need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. Courts review a variety of factors when determining spousal maintenance awards, including the marital standard of living, the requesting spouse’s education, income-earning potential, and many other variables. A court may decide a need exists if one spouse doesn’t have enough assets to meet his/her reasonable needs, cannot be self-sufficient through employment, or if he/she sacrificed opportunities or otherwise contributed to the other spouse’s education/career. Whether we represent the spouse claiming need or the spouse who faces a payment obligation, we make the strongest case possible based on careful gathering and analyzing of the evidence.

Experienced lawyer explains eligibility for various types of alimony

If a spouse establishes need for alimony and the other spouse’s ability to pay, the next question is what type of alimony is appropriate. There are three basic types of spousal maintenance:

  •  Pendente lite — This type of maintenance is paid to help one spouse avoid financial hardship while the divorce is ongoing.
  • Temporary alimony — Once the divorce is final, the Judge may direct one spouse to pay the other a lump sum or a series of monthly payments for a specific time, such as to give the receiving spouse time to find gainful employment or the education needed to obtain a job.
  • Permanent alimony — Though increasingly rare, permanent alimony may be granted in divorces following marriages of long duration, or when a spouse’s advanced age or disability may significantly hamper their ability to earn a living.

Whether you seek to receive spousal maintenance or you believe you may be obligated to pay, our legal team will ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Whenever possible, we attempt to negotiate fair settlements that make it unnecessary to bring issues before a judge.

We are also ready to assist if you need to petition the court to enforce alimony payments or to modify an alimony award due to changes in circumstances regarding your finances, heath or living expenses.

Discuss spousal maintenance with an experienced Tucson lawyer

No matter what your needs are regarding alimony/spousal maintenance, a lawyer at the Tucson law firm of Pahl & Associates can help protect your rights and financial stability. Contact us online or call 520-628-1111 to set up a consultation today. Se habla español.