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Effective handling of divorce and separation matters in Southern Arizona

When discord spells the end of a marriage, it is important to seek out capable advice to ensure that all legal issues are properly settled. Pahl & Associates in Tucson represents clients in divorce and separation cases throughout Southern Arizona. Our goal is to resolve matters efficiently and cost-effectively while never losing sight of the need for compassion. Whether your marriage dissolution can be achieved amicably or requires litigation, you can depend on us to take the approach best suited to reaching a positive and conclusive outcome.

Experienced attorney explains Arizona divorce law

Arizona is a no-fault state. In most cases, a divorce can be granted on the basis that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Fault needs to be proved only in the case of covenant marriage, which by its terms binds the parties not to divorce except on limited, specified grounds such that one spouse committed adultery or a felony, is abusing drugs or alcohol, or has been abusive toward the other spouse or their children.

At least one spouse must have been a resident of Arizona for at least 90 days before the divorce petition is filed. Once the petition is served on the other spouse, a divorce will not be granted for a minimum of 60 days. It is not possible to waive the waiting period. The process can take longer if there are disagreements over property division, spousal support, child custody, parenting time or child support.

If the parties cannot agree on essential issues, the divorce may have to go to trial, which can bring significant delay. Our legal team works intensively to forge a practical consensus that avoids unnecessary stalemates.

Offering legal separation as an alternative to divorce

Sometimes, spouses may desire to live apart yet remain married for religious, financial, or other reasons. Legal separation allows the parties to live apart yet without the finality of a divorce, leaving open the possibility of reconciliation. Legal separation may also be an option when neither party meets the 90-day residency requirement to file for a divorce. We are skilled at negotiating separation agreements that address all the issues of a divorce (such as child support, child custody and spousal maintenance) and that are enforceable by judicial decree.

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If dissolution of your marriage appears to be necessary, it’s vital to seek advice from an experienced divorce attorney. At Pahl & Associates in Tucson, we will serve as your trustworthy counsel from beginning to end, protecting your interests and those of your children. To arrange a consultation, please call 520-628-1111 or contact us online. Se habla español.